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Infant Baby Pillow Safe Cotton Cushion-New Baby Born

Infant Baby Pillow Safe Cotton Cushion-New Baby Born

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Spit-up Reduction: Designed to minimize infant spit-up during sleep, providing enhanced comfort and support. Gentle Material: Crafted from soft and gentle materials for a soothing sleeping experience. Easy to clean and maintain. For Infant Use: Tailored for infants prone to spit-up, offering optimal support and comfort, especially for those with acid or digestive discomfort. Versatile Design: Suitable for both sleeping and feeding, ensuring a comfortable position for infants on various surfaces like cribs or beds. Improved Sleep: Elevates the upper body to alleviate discomfort caused by spit-up, promoting a more peaceful and restful sleep for infants.

Product Information: Filler: Latex Pillow Core Fabric: Modal Target Audience: Newborns, Infants (1-3 years old) Pillow Shape: Irregular Size: 28x58cm

Packing List: 1 x Nursing Pillow

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